Manicures and Massages: Small Luxuries Making You Go Broke

Posted on 10/23/2013

New data from Accenture finds that shoppers are opening their pocketbooks for luxury goods and small splurges. Of those polled more than half say they'll make a small luxury purchase in the next six months. But these small luxuries could be what's making you go broke.

Restaurant servings are so big these days none of us really needs an appetizer. Pocket the $10 you would have spent on artichoke dip and while you're at it, save half your meal for lunch the next day.

Daily Lattes
Half of Americans buy coffee regularly at work, spending $1,000 a year on the drink. And if you happen to be a young professional-- under the age of 34-- you're spending even more. According to ABC News those between the ages of 18 and 34 spend $24.74 a week just on coffee. While sometimes it can feel like caffeine is not a luxury, spending $4 on a cup of it definitely is.

Expedited Shipping
Paying for your online purchase to arrive to you a day or two faster can cost quite a bit more money. Have a little patience (or plan ahead next time) and keep that money in your pocket instead.

Gym Memberships
Gym memberships are great-- as long as you use them. But according to only 8 percent of people who have gym memberships take advantage of them. The average cost of a gym membership is $55 a month which means you could be wasting $660 a year on something you never use.

Getting your nails done can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 or more. Considering it's typically a weekly endeavor it's easy to see how this seemingly innocuous habit can quickly add up to becoming a budget buster. Take some tips from and turn this into a DIY task.

For most people, massages are a luxury. They're an occasional splurge that should be reserved for birthdays or holidays. Unless you have a medical reason for getting a massage you may want to consider cutting back. For a free alternative test out the massage chair at your local Brookstone store.

By Alison Storm

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