Kids and Candy: Picking the Best Neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating

Posted on 10/25/2013

Looking for the best neighborhood for candy collection this October 31? Not all neighborhoods are created equal. Consider these five factors for finding the most generous, festive and safe trick or treating destinations this Halloween.

One of the biggest factors when choosing the best trick or treating neighborhood is to pinpoint family-friendly areas. While it may make sense to hit the wealthiest part of town, they may not actually be as willing to flick the porch light on come Halloween night. You're better off finding an area with a great family-friendly vibe.

Since most parents will probably be accompanying their little robots and bumble bees to gather up candy make it easy on yourself. Choose a neighborhood with few hills. Consider the amount of traffic that will be in the area. Find relatively quiet streets equipped with street lights.

Halloween History
If other parents rave about a particular neighborhood's generosity with sugary treats on Halloween night, pay attention. Reputation is key when it comes to choosing the best spot for trick or treating.

Of course the goal of the evening will be to snag as much candy as possible. You'll want to keep travel time down in between homes. You can make this happen by choosing a neighborhood that is more densely populated. Big yards are great and all, but not on Halloween night.

Halloween Spirit
In the days and weeks leading up to Halloween take note of the neighborhoods you drive through. Are the bushes covered in spider webs? Are fake graves poking out of the grass? Are pumpkins lining the front stoop? These are all indicators of high levels of Halloween spirit, a good way to judge whether a neighborhood will be a lively one to visit on Halloween night.

By Alison Storm

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