How to Get Better Customer Service Without Paying More

Posted on 10/02/2013

Poor customer service seems to be running rampant these days, which is strange considering the value of making a customer happy. According to CEO Colin Shaw, 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Defaqto Research reports that more than half of customers would pay extra if it would guarantee better service. In honor of Customer Service Week, a nationally recognized event happening from October 7-11, here are ways to get better customer service without paying more.

Stay Calm and Rational
When you've been on hold for 43 minutes only to be connected to a customer service representative that doesn't seem to know anything, staying calm and rational can be tough. But studies show you're more likely to get the issue resolved when you stick to the facts. Try getting help from the iCan Hypnosis app, a free tool to help you release the tension and stress from life.

Use Their Name
You may be talking to someone in a call center in India, but they are still a real person. Take note of their name and use it throughout your conversation. It may make them more willing to help you if you treat them with respect.

Try Another Method
If you've tried using the toll free customer service number and you're not getting anywhere, contact the company another way. Utilize their live chat service or even tweet the company. You'll deal with a different person which could lead to different results.

Press "0"
Getting stuck talking to an automated call system is no fun. When all you want is to talk to a real person hit "0". That should help you skip some agonizing minutes with a recorded voice and fast track you to a real human.

Track Customer Service Calls
Sometimes getting the best customer service requires taking notes. Use this free printable worksheet from to help you track customer service calls including agent names, call times and file numbers. It could save you stress, grief and, most importantly, time.

By Alison Storm

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