Hollywood Halloween: The Best TV and Movie Characters for Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/18/2013

The National Retail Federation reports that we Americans will be spending a whopping $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes this year. Children's costumes get $1 billion of the cut, $1.2 billion is spent on adults and another $330 million is spent outfitting our pets. Still wondering what to dress up as this year? Be a celebrity for a night by going as one of these hot TV and movie characters.

Miley Cyrus
Need an excuse to spend your Halloween twerking? Dress up like Miley Cyrus. Pick up a replica tee featuring the deranged bear from lookhuman.com for $24.30. Accessorize with a giant foam hand, $11.99 at costumesupercenter.com. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time with your tongue sticking out.

Duck Dynasty
The bearded dudes from Duck Dynasty are the fourth most popular costumes this year, according to recently released data from Google Shopping. Even though the show is in its fourth season Duck Dynasty costume searches are three times higher than last year. Grab some camo clothing and a fake beard like this one selling for $14.99 on ebay.

The Great Gatsby
Did you love Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby? Pull on a jazz-era dress or a tailored white suit and start calling everyone "old sport." Accessorize with a long cigarette smoking stick, red nail polish or a wallet full of cash.

Super Hero
Super heroes always make great costumes. This year Superman will probably be making many appearances and while you can invest in a pretty pricey costume you can also take the easy (and cheap) way out by going with a caped t-shirt. It's just $19.99 at spirithalloween.com.

Hunger Games
Start your preparation for the next Hunger Games this Halloween. Buy a replica training shirt at ThinkGeek.com, on sale for $39.99. Carry a bow and arrow and try not to smile.

By Alison Storm

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