The Best After School Jobs for Students

Posted on 09/05/2013

Finding the perfect after school job is serious business. Let's face it-- kids require quite a bit of cash. Filling up their gas tank, updating their wardrobe with the latest trends, and saving for college is a whole lot easier with a part-time job. Wondering where to apply? Check out these best sources for after school jobs.

Retail Store
Perhaps the most common place for a teen to snag a job is the mall. Retail work has lots of pros for after-school workers. For starters, malls usually close by nine which means teens have plenty of time for homework and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. They may also be able to score employee discounts while learning customer service skills and practicing math.

Fast Food
Fast food joints are often hungry for workers, making it a great place for novices to apply. While they may not like the fact that they come home smelling like French fries, teens will probably enjoy eating them. While usually they won't earn tips they may get extra pay for working on Sundays.

Movie Theaters and Fun Parks
The hours may be late, but working in a movie theater or fun park can be an entertaining job for a fun-loving teen. Jobs like these can come with perks like free movies and mini golf.

Child Care and Pet Sitting
For the teens with more entrepreneurial drive, child care or pet sitting may be a better option. While the pay can be sporadic, teens will have to understand basic marketing and networking in order to keep the income flowing.

Grocery Store
Grocery stores are known for hiring those with little to no experience. That's because there's lots of entry level work to be done including bagging groceries, stocking shelves and cleaning aisles. Perks may include employee discounts and flexible schedules.

Ice Cream Shops
Ice cream shops are typically family-friendly establishments with a laid back style that your teen may appreciate. They'll still be able to learn customer service skills and hopefully master making the perfect banana split, which is always a good skill to have.

By Alison Storm

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