Ten Tasks to Help You Live Like a Rich Person

Posted on 09/03/2013

Are you living like a wealthy person or like a broke person? Regardless of what's in your bank account, bestselling author Tom Corley says there are things you can do to live like a millionaire. Corley's family went from being multi-millionaires to being poor overnight and although he was just nine at the time the experience had a profound impact on him. He spent five years studying the daily activities of hundreds of wealthy people and hundreds of those in poverty to discover the major differences in daily habits between the two groups. These are ten of the 149 activities highlighted in his book "Rich Habits: Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals." He says these are the daily tasks that separate the "haves" from the "have nots."

Get Up Earlier
Living like a wealthy person starts very early. Nearly half of the wealthy wake up three hours before work starts to get a jump on their day. Only three percent of the poor set their alarm clocks this early.

Write a To-Do List
Start your day with a to-do list if you want to live like you're rich. Four in five wealthy people do this, while just one in five poor people write down daily tasks.

Focus on Goals
In addition to the daily to-do list setting regular goals is important. Four in five wealthy people focus on accomplishing a single goal. In comparison, Corley says roughly one in ten poor people do this.

Lace up those tennis shoes and get moving. According to Corley, three-fourths of wealthy get aerobic exercise four days a week, while fewer than one in four of the poor do this.

Listen to Audio Books
You may not have much time to read, but chances are you have plenty of time to listen. Check out some free audio books from the library to live like a rich person. Sixty-three percent of the wealthy listen to audio books during their commute, something only five percent of poor people do.

Attend a Networking Event
Networking is an important wealth-building tool. Find at least one networking opportunity each week or every other week. Nearly four in five wealthy people network five hours or more each month. Just 16 percent of the poor do this, says Corley.

Don't Watch Reality TV
This could be a tough one for those who love keeping up with the Kardashians or following the Bachelor's quest for love, but only six percent of the wealthy watch reality TV. Seventy-eight percent of the poor tune in.

Develop a Love for Reading
If you can't remember the last book you finished you may want to get yourself to the library. Eighty-six percent of the wealthy love to read while only one in four of the poor have a passion for books.

Think Before You Speak
Although it can be tempting to speak your mind this is something only six percent of the wealthy do. In comparison, 69 percent of the poor are quick to verbalize their thoughts.

Commit to Healthy Living
Cut out potentially destructive behaviors like gambling, something half of poor people do, but only one-fourth of the wealthy do. And work on improving your diet. Corley says 70 percent of the wealthy eat less than 300 junk food calories per day, while a whopping 97 percent of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories a day.

By Alison Storm

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