How to Start Collecting Cash for Christmas

Posted on 09/30/2013

Retailers are hoping this Christmas season will be merry and bright since holiday traffic accounts for 20 percent of their sales. ShopperTrak anticipates a 2.4 percent increase in retail sales during November and December. If you're already wondering how you're going to pay for all those presents consider these five ways to start collecting cash for Christmas.

Join JingIt
Get paid for watching commercials? Yes, you can with Jingit, a free app for the iPhone or Android that pays you for checking in at your favorite stores, watching videos or giving feedback. By simply watching ads on your Smartphone and answering some survey questions you can earn up to $19.97 an hour.

Sell Plasma
Anyone between the ages of 18 and 69 who is in good health can earn extra cash by donating plasma. Check out the eligibility requirements at Donating plasma takes about 90 minutes and can be done twice a week. At BioLife donors are compensated with a Visa debit card which can be used to purchase anything.

Trade in Items to Amazon
Stuff sitting around your house could be turned into free Amazon gift cards with the Amazon Trade-In Program. Books, movies, electronics, video games and music are all items Amazon is willing to give you credit for. Search for items, click trade in and ship them to Amazon for free.

Sell Tweets
If you're active on Twitter and have a decent following you may want to tap into this market for making money. Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects regular tweeters with advertisers. Earn as much as a few bucks just for sending out tweets that you write from advertisers you approve of.

Try Gigwalk
Earn $10 for taking photos of a Red Bull display at your local Walmart or $20 for completing a merchandising task at Kmart. These are examples of available gigs through the free Gigwalk app. The company claims you can earn enough to pay for a movie this weekend or an entire extra paycheck. Your earning potential depends on how much extra money you really need for Christmas gifts this year.

By Alison Storm

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