Easy Ideas for Bringing Your Lunch to Work

Posted on 09/17/2013

Is eating lunch costing you a bunch? According to data from Quicken Loans the average woman spends $26 a week on lunch and the average man $46. Switching to a pack lunch will cost you just $15 a week for an annual average savings of $1,144. But if it seems like a hassle check out these easy ideas for bringing your lunch to work.

Jar It
If you've got a stash of mason jars put them to work for something other than pickles. The Bigredkitchen.com explains how spending one hour to make three salads will generate six mason jars full of healthy meals. Fool-proof instructions include a grocery list, recipes and quick tips.

Invest in Storage Supplies
Just like upgrading your running shoes may actually help encourage you to pound the pavement more often, investing in some quality lunch storage solutions may actually motivate you to pack a meal more often. Check out these eco-friendly bento boxes by Takenaka and do lunch the Japanese way.

When it comes to packing a lunch, KISS it: keep it simple stupid! If you are someone who's capable of eating the same thing every day for a week then stock up on those items, take them to work on Monday and forget about it. Easy ideas would be a bag of apples, a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. You'll pay less than $10 for these items at the grocery store which is what you might spend for one afternoon meal at the local deli.

Opt for Convenience
Yes, you will pay a little more for convenience, but do yourself a favor and buy the baby carrots instead of the ones that need to be peeled and cut. Choose the fruit cups over fresh produce. And put anything that's already packaged for single servings in your cart instead of the stuff that needs to be divided into containers.

Buy Extra Snacks
Some days you will not pack the best lunch. At 2 p.m. your stomach will start to rumble and you'll wonder how you're going to possibly make it until the end of the day without buying a muffin. Plan ahead for these days when your lunch is just a little too lean by stocking up on pita chips, fruit snacks or granola bars. Keep a stash in the back of your bottom desk drawer just for these emergency situations.

By Alison Storm

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