The Ten Best Deals at Thrift Stores

Posted on 08/16/2013

Have you been thrifting lately? August 17 is Thrift Shop Day, a great time to support your local resale shops. There are currently more than 25,000 resale, consignment and Not For Profit resale shops in the United States, according to NARTS, the association of resale professionals. Many of these benefit important causes, but they also offer great bargains. Keep your eyes peeled for the ten best deals at thrift stores.

It happens to the best of us. We spend top dollar on a great looking pair of shoes only to find out they don't fit quite right. Quickly those pumps or loafers are relegated to the back of the closet until we forget how much we paid for them and can finally ship them off to a donation center. Find barely-worn shoes that may fit your feet perfectly.

Styles shift rapidly. That means jeans that were once out of fashion may be back in. Scour thrift store racks for pairs that may have been donated because they were out of style. They could be the latest trend once again.

Brand new furniture is expensive. Thrift stores are great places to find quality, classic pieces to add to your collection. Focus on well-made tables or chairs that can be freshened up with paint.

A bestselling hardback that was once $25 at Barnes and Noble will sell for pennies on the dollar at a thrift store. It's also a great place to get books for the beach. You won't mind if they get a little wet or sandy. Use the free Price Check by Amazon app to see what the books are selling for on Amazon. You may find something valuable.

Crafty types should definitely hunt thrift stores for fabric. Vintage bedspreads, blankets or even tee shirts can be used for sewing projects. Need inspiration? Search Pinterest for ways to repurpose these thrift store finds.

Anyone with children knows that toys take a beating. Instead of buying new pick up used ones at thrift stores. You'll probably need to invest in fresh batteries, but your kid won't likely notice that it's not from a toy store.

Kids Clothing
Search the racks for kids clothing. Just like toys, they'll outgrow them quickly anyway so why not get a bargain?

Dishware goes for super cheap at thrift stores. If you don't mind not having a complete matching set thrift stores are a great place to score deals.

Real silver has been known to make its way onto thrift store shelves. Even if it's not a complete set you can still sell it for cash to someone who will have it melted down. How do you know if it's real silver? For one, silver isn't magnetic. Silver also makes a ringing sound when it's tapped.

Everyone's heard the story of the guy who paid a nickel for a real Picasso painting at a thrift store. While that may or may not be true there are still deals to be found on artwork. And even if you can't sell it for millions if you like it that's worth something.

By Alison Storm

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