Ten Ways YouTube Can Save You Money

Posted on 08/23/2013

Over six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month, nearly an hour for every person on Earth. One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute and more than one billion people visit the website every month. YouTube is way more than a collection of cute cat videos-- it can save you money. Here are ten ways YouTube could actually help you cut costs.

Teaching Your Children
YouTube is a great source for educational videos and instruction. Access Bill Gates' favorite tutor for free on YouTube. Check out thousands of video lessons from Kahn Academy, covering everything from basic math to advanced physics.

Keeping Baby Occupied
Need to keep baby occupied so you can complete a chore? Instead of buying Baby Einstein videos just let your little one watch them on YouTube.

Maintaining Your Car
If you need to change your oil, replace your air filter or swap out a spark plug you'll pay a premium at a repair shop. The reality is many of these tasks are simple. Get help maintaining your vehicle with easy-to-follow YouTube videos like this one from EricTheCarGuy.

Getting Fit
Save on a gym membership and use YouTube instead. Find free full-length yoga classes, Cross Fit workouts, and even Zumba for beginners.

Improving Photography
You won't need to hire a professional photographer when you learn the basics of photography. Use Photoshop to enhance your pictures by checking out the Photoshop Training Channel for dozens of free videos.

Cutting Cable
Lots of full-length TV shows make their way onto YouTube. If there's a channel you like that's preventing you from cutting cable out of your budget find out if the programs are on YouTube. For instance, lots of HGTV programs and full-length MTV shows are on YouTube.

Learning Something New
If you've always wanted to take guitar lessons, but didn't want to fork over the money try YouTube instead. Peruse hundreds of free lessons that will teach you everything from playing guitar scales to reading chord charts.

Understanding Couponing
Coupons can help you slash your grocery bill and YouTube will show you how. Check out free videos that will transform you into an extreme couponer in a matter of minutes.

Listening to Music
Rather than paying for new music on iTunes, try listening to it on YouTube instead. You'll save about 99 cents a song simply by hunting for music in a different place.

Fixing Your Hair
Need a fancy hairstyle for a wedding or a special occasion? Save yourself some dough and work on your 'do yourself! Check out YouTube videos for step-by-step instructions that will help you create a salon-worthy updo for free.

By Alison Storm

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