Labor Day Weekend To-Do List: Transitioning Your Home From Summer to Fall

Posted on 08/21/2013

Some people spend Labor Day weekend squeezing in end-of-summer swimsuit time. But homeowners may decide to use the extra day off of work tackling the Labor Day Weekend to-do list. Get help transitioning your home from summer to fall with these money-saving tasks.

Pack Up Patio Furniture
Protect your patio furniture from the elements by cleaning and storing it for the winter. Freshen cushions with a scrub brush. Wipe furniture with a mixture of dish soap and water to remove any mold, mildew or dirt. When the weather heats back up next spring you'll be thankful you took the time to prep your outdoor furniture.

Check Caulking Around Windows
Before temperatures plunge for good check to make sure your windows are securely caulked. This will keep warm air in and cool air out which will hold energy costs in check. Get some simple tips on sealing all gaps and cracks around your windows from the California Energy Commission at

Have Furnace Inspected
It's probably been months since your furnace has been used. Make sure it's ready for that first big cold snap by having it professionally inspected. An annual inspection will set you back about $100 which is much less than repairing or replacing your unit.

Store Garden Hoses
Disconnect your garden hoses from the spigots, remove the spray nozzles and drain them for winter. Water left in the hose could freeze, expanding and rupturing your hose giving you an added replacement expense come spring. If you usually experience harsh winters you may want to store your hoses in a garage or shed.

Clean Gutters
In a matter of weeks the leaves will be falling which will add more debris to your gutters. Make sure they are cleaned to begin with to prevent any costly roof leaks. All of the impending rain and snow will need a place to go.

By Alison Storm

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