How to Get Money for Your Good Ideas

Posted on 08/09/2013

Great ideas are invaluable, however getting them off the ground usually requires one thing: money. But how do you find backers willing to support your brilliance? It's never been easier with funding platforms like these that are connecting investors with cash to people with great ideas.

Start Some Good
If your big idea involves doing good then you'll definitely want to check out Current ideas include everything from providing students in Honduras with bilingual education to rescuing neglected animals in Ohio.

Every day thousands of people pledge millions of dollars to help people launch their great ideas. Projects in the areas of music, film, art, publishing and more receive cash through Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. With Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before the deadline in order for money to exchange hands. Reward donors with a fun experience, limited edition product or one-of-a-kind incentive.

Indiegogo is an industry-leading platform helping people all over the world raise millions for their projects. It started in 2008 with the independent film industry and a year later expanded to include all industries. The platform has raised millions of dollars worldwide including hundreds of thousands for a mosquito-fighting patch, a home security device and a smartwatch with gesture control.

Small business owners are full of great ideas, but they must also work with limited resources. Smallknot works exclusively with local businesses that are trying to expand and grow, but need a little extra cash to do that. Whether you have a small business already or just have an idea that you need crowdfunding for, Smallknot can help.

In the last 30 days fans have given artists $2 million in funding through Bandcamp, crowdfunding for musicians. Since its launch the site has distributed $44 million by providing a rock-solid platform for artists who want to sell their music and merchandise to fans.

Maybe your great idea is a fundraising plan for an important cause, project or event. In that case check out GoGetFunding. You'll get free help creating a fundraising website to accept donations. Users have recently raised money to pay for a plane ticket to see a mom diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, buy musical instruments for kids in Haiti and even to fund fertility treatments. If your great idea is more personal in nature this could be the answer to funding your dreams.

By Alison Storm

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