Free Tools to Help You Improve Your Golf Game

Posted on 08/06/2013

There are nearly 30 million golfers in the US, according to the National Golf Foundation. Golfers and golf enthusiasts spent $76 billion on the game in 2008 says Golf 20/20. While golf may be an expensive sport fortunately there are free tools available to help you improve your golf game. And since August is National Golf Month now is the time to take advantage of these helpful freebies.

Free Golf Ball Selector
Not all golf balls are created equal-- they don't even all have the same number of dimples. Find out which golf ball could be best for the way you play the sport with the free Golf Ball Selector at

Golf Channel Academy
Rather than hire a pricey golf coach to help you perfect your swing try using your Smartphone. The Golf Channel Academy app is free and includes more than 600 videos from the world's best instructors. Plus you can even capture your own swing and use advanced markup tools to identify weaknesses.

Free Subscription to Golf Magazine
Get helpful tips delivered to your door every month. Enter to win a free year-long subscription to Golf Magazine. Five hundred winners will be chosen for this prize. Enter at

Nike Golf 360 App
No need to carry around those tiny pencils anymore. Now you can keep track of your golf game in your Smartphone with the free Nike Golf 360 App. Track fairways hit, putts sunk and greens grazed with this tool that will identify trends in your game and help you improve.

Swing By Swing App
You'll never have to wonder how far away the hole is again when you're armed with the free Swing By Swing app. And knowing that information can help you to make the best club choice which will hopefully improve your game. Already used by more than two million golfers, the app is working to map every golf course in the world.

By Alison Storm

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