Finding Out How Much Your Social Media Profiles are Worth

Posted on 07/26/2013

While you may simply see Facebook as a great place to share viral cat videos and post political rants, a new study says your "likes" are actually worth big bucks to brands and businesses. Companies are using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach new customers and improve their bottom line. And every time you share, retweet or comment you're potentially giving them free advertising. While it may not mean more money in your pocket, it's still interesting to know how much your social media influence is really worth.

The Value of a Like
According to research from Syncapse, every time you "like" or "friend" a brand or company, you're giving that business $174.17 worth of value. That's a 28 percent increase since 2010. They arrived at that number by studying more than 2,000 Facebook users' spending, loyalty and recommendations.

Spending to Get a Like
If you're a business owner you may be contemplating spending part of your marketing budget to get more likes. But how much is a like really worth? Answer six simple questions at to find out what a Facebook "like" is really worth to your company.

Fan Spending
Be careful who you fan-- because those marketing messages that show up in your feed may impact your buying habits. At least that's what research points to. According to Syncapse, Facebook fans spend $116 more a year on the brands they fan compared to non-fans.

Twitter Worth
Your tweets are worth something to big brands. By taking into account your number of Twitter followers and factoring in the number of people you follow, calculates the worth of your Twitter profile. The faster you've gained your followers the higher your Twalue will be.

Facebook Value
Facebook is now a publicly traded company, making money off of users like you and me. Based on real-time stock quotes, calculates how much your Facebook profile is worth. The average user is valued at $192.94 based on location, age, education and more. Just don't expect a check from Mark Zuckerberg any time soon.

By Alison Storm

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