Cheap Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Summer Vacation

Posted on 07/15/2013

According to government statistics a home burglary happens every 15 seconds, and often when homeowners are gone. Burglaries can cost you a lot in damaged property, lost valuables and lost sense of security. Check out these cheap ways to keep your home safe during summer vacation.

Don't Let Mail Pile Up
An easy way for crooks to find out if you're home or not is to check out how stuffed your mailbox is or how many newspapers are sitting on your stoop. Take a few minutes to put a hold on your mail by filling out a form at End junk mail for good with the free PaperKarma app. Take photos of your unwanted mail and PaperKarma contacts the sender to remove you from their distribution list.

Turn on the Fake TV
According to, every year one in 50 households experiences a break-in. Invest in a Fake TV, starting at $29.95, and it will look like your home is occupied. It simulates on-screen motion and deters burglars while you're away.

Don't Provide Clues
As tempting as it is to share, tweet or post that photo of you with your feet in the sand or the sun setting over the lake you may want to think again. You could be giving crooks the green light to break into your home by telling them your travel itinerary.

Check With Sheriff's Office
Some sheriff's departments offer a free Vacation Watch program. In Houston homeowners fill out an online form and the department will keep a closer eye on properties vacated for vacation. Find out if this free service is available in your area.

Hire Someone to Mow
Shaggy grass and an overgrown yard are evidence announcing to thieves that your home may be an easy target. Hire someone to mow your lawn while you're away. It doesn't have to be expensive-- perhaps a neighborhood teen is looking to make a little summer cash. Not only will you come home to less on your to-do list, but you won't be offering any clues to potential burglars while you're away.

By Alison Storm

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