Affordable Ways to Improve Your Memory

Posted on 07/02/2013

Where does the time go? Apparently some of it is wasted on searching for lost stuff. According to a report by the Daily Mail we squander ten minutes every day looking for lost stuff. And before I forget, here are some affordable ways to improve your memory just in time for I Forgot Day, celebrated annually on July 2.

Eat Berries and Leafy Greens
Here's some food for thought. According to Fox News there are a few foods that can improve your memory. Blackberries and leafy greens like spinach both contain vitamins and minerals shown to reduce age-related memory loss.

Have trouble remembering names? Try this trick and you're 30-percent more likely to commit it to your memory. When someone tells you their name, repeat it back to them as soon as you learn it as in, "John? Nice to meet you John!"

Try a Free App
Keep your brain sharp in just minutes a day with the free Fit Brains Trainer app. It's a scientifically proven brain fitness program developed by a professor of neurological surgery.

Take 8 Seconds
If you're trying to remember something like where you parked or a friend's phone number think about it for eight seconds. Studies show that's the amount of time you need to transfer something from your short term memory to your long term memory. Reduce distractions and focus.

Play a Game
Workout your brain without leaving your computer. Sign up for a free trial membership at and you'll have fun exercising your brain with games that ask you to repeat patterns, identify a face in the crowd or replicate a fashion look.

Take a Walk
Keep blood moving to the brain with some physical activity. That could be a jaunt around the neighborhood, a plunge in the pool or a bike ride. Research shows that physical activity leads to better brain function which gives new meaning to the phrase "jog your memory."

By Alison Storm

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