Keeping Your Cool: Eight Appliances Heating Up Your Home This Summer

Posted on 06/24/2013

Did you know that more than one-fifth of America's total energy consumption comes from residential use? From a popcorn machine to a water heater, using those appliances adds extra heat to your home and increases energy costs. These eight appliances are especially good at heating up your home during the summer months.

Clothes Dryer
It's probably not surprising that the clothes dryer can heat up your home. Besides your air conditioner and furnace this appliance uses the most watts of anything else in your home. Use it during cooler hours of the day, in the morning and evening, to reduce strain on your air conditioner. Also, don't overstuff it. Your clothes will dry faster when they have room to move.

Next in line among appliances that require the most energy to operate is the oven. In order to control consumption and keep your home cooler during the summer months try cooking multiple meals at the same time so you use the oven less. Try to avoid peeking at food that's cooking inside the oven. You'll quickly lose 25 to 75 degrees which forces the appliance to work harder.

Obviously the stove and oven go hand-in-hand. When using the stove try to thaw foods in the microwave so they'll require less time to cook. Keep lids on pots so you can cook meals faster and use less energy.

The dishwasher uses the fifth most energy of any appliance in your home. During the summer months try to avoid using it during the hottest hours of the day. It's best to flip it on before going to bed.

Hair Dryer
When was the last time you upgraded your hair dryer? A new model may be more efficient, drying your locks quicker so you don't have to emit so much heat. Another way to help it run more efficiently is by cleaning out the unit's filter.

Your refrigerator works hard to keep your food fresh and cool. Although quite tempting on a hot day, don't stand in front of the fridge with the door open. As cold air escapes your refrigerator works harder, releasing more heat into your home.

Coffee Pot
It's easy to use small appliances like the coffee pot and forget that they are on. But leaving them running for hours and hours not only wastes energy, but it creates heat in your home which is not ideal for keeping your space cool.

The clothes iron is another small appliance that can easily be left on longer than needed. Set a timer to help you keep track of how long you've left it to heat up. It should only take about two minutes. Any longer and you're wasting energy.

By Alison Storm

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