Pre-Wedding Festivities: Saving Money on the Bachelorette Party

Posted on 05/15/2013

Nearly three in four women say they'll spend more than $100 planning their friend's bachelorette party and nine out of ten women will spend an additional $50 or more during the bachelorette party. That's according to a new poll from That may seem like a lot of cash to fork over-- especially considering that's in advance of any expenses for the actual wedding. Before you skip the bon voyage bash to the single life for budgetary reasons, try these cost-cutting measures.

Pull Out Your LBD
Instead of buying a trendy new outfit for the bachelorette party, pull out your trusty little black dress. After all, the LBD is the outfit of choice for most party-goers. And if the LBD isn't an option, try to convince everyone to spend $14.99 on matching tank tops like these. Buying a new outfit for the occasion will cost much more than that.

Skip the Stripper
Every bachelorette party you see in the movies usually involves a stripper. But the fact is, only 1 percent of ladies say the exotic dancer is the highlight of the party. So save some money and skip the stripper. More than half of the women polled by say the best part about a bachelorette bash is being with their friends-- and you can't put a price on that!

Find Freebies Online
Save on decorations and favors by going the DIY route. Find free printables online like these fun tags from that say "tonight my name is..." Guests will love coming up with their bachelorette party aliases.

Party Close to Home
While most women say their dream bachelorette party would take place in a remote location like Vegas or Mexico, it's also true that the biggest bachelorette party splurges are travel expenses like airfare and hotel. Convince the bride to party closer to home and you'll save lots of money.

Go In On a Gift
Four in five women polled say they'll spend $25 or more on a bachelorette party gift for the bride. Help your dollars go further by pooling your money together with other guests. You won't have to spend as much to be able to afford something nicer that the bride will love.

By Alison Storm

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