DIY Dog Food: How to Save Money Making Fido's Food

Posted on 05/14/2013

It's been six years since tainted dog food killed thousands of beloved dogs, but many people are still skittish about feeding their dog's bargain basement kibble. While pet food is closely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the only way to be completely sure that your pooch is eating healthy, safe food is to make it yourself. And with these budget-friendly tips and recipes, making Fido's food at home is affordable, too.

Shop Dog-Friendly People Foods
One of the keys in making affordable, healthy food for your pup is knowing what people foods are safe for your four-legged family members. Check out this list of 20 pet-friendly people foods from Commit the items to memory and when they go on sale, stock up so you can make your own dog food at home.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe
Most recipes for homemade dog food you'll find online are simple and include just a few basic ingredients. This recipe for homemade dog food on is made up of ground turkey and very affordable ingredients including brown rice and frozen vegetables. If your grocery store is having a sale on canned veggies, substitute canned green beans or carrots for extra value.

Homemade Jerky Treats
If your dog is like most, he probably goes nuts for jerky treats. But those small pouches of dried meat can cost quite a bit, even when they go on sale. Make your own and you'll not only save money, but you'll know exactly what's ending up in your pooch's tummy., a pit bull non-profit, suggests thinly slicing boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breasts and cooking them in a 200 degree oven for 4-5 hours.

DIY Sweet Potato Treats
Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A, C and E and according to Bark magazine, protease inhibitors which are believed to ward off cancer in dogs. Sweet potatoes are super affordable, too. Peel and slice, then bake them at 200 degrees until they're dry and chewy.

Freeze Big Batches
To save yourself time and to take advantage of bulk-buying discounts, make a big batch of DIY dog food at one time. All of the ingredients freeze well so whatever you don't plan to feed your pooch within four or five days, stick in the freezer for future meals.

By Alison Storm

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