Lawn and Garden Month: Where to Get Free Personalized Advice

Posted on 04/05/2013

Gardening has been discovered to improve our attitudes toward health and nutrition, even helping kids perform better at school. But if your thumb is more black than green, check out these sources for free personalized advice, just in time for Lawn and Garden Month.

Smart Gardener
There are a lot of variables that make a garden thrive-- it's not as easy as tossing some seeds on the ground and turning on a sprinkler. collects, calculates and creates a personal profile of your garden. It's a one-stop online service to help you plan, purchase, prep, plant, pick and more.

Organic Gardening Planting Planner App
If you like Organic Gardening Magazine then you'll love their free app, a gardener's go-to resource for the 2013 planting season. It does the thinking for you, providing recommendations for seed sowing, planting and harvesting. A GPS supported location finder will identify frost dates for your land.

Home Depot Garden Club
The Home Depot offers free expert gardening and landscaping tips through the Home Depot Garden Club. Get a regional to-do list catered to your climate. Plus access expert advice from regional pros located across the country.

Master Gardeners in Your State
Universities throughout the country offer access to Master Gardeners who give lectures, conduct research and answer questions. For some expert regionally-specific gardening advice, click on the map found at and connect with a Master Gardener in your state.

The Old Farmers' Almanac Garden Planner
Plan your perfect vegetable garden with the free Garden Planner from The Old Farmers' Almanac. It helps you draw our your vegetable beds, add plants and develop the perfect layout. Choose from more than 130 vegetables, herbs and fruit. Get detailed growing information and easily calculate how many plants will fit into the available space. Plus the Garden Planner adapts to your own area, giving you a personalized chart for when to sow, plant and harvest each item. You'll get email reminders of what needs to be done twice a month.

By Alison Storm

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