Five Gifts Mom Doesn't Want You to Waste Money on This Mother's Day

Posted on 04/29/2013

The only thing worse than forgetting Mother's Day all together is wasting money on a gift mom will hate. Do her (and your savings account) a favor and skip these five gifts that mom probably doesn't want you to waste any money on this Mother's Day.

Parenting Books
There could be some very valuable information inside the cover of "How to Be a Better Parent" or "Mom's Diary: 30 Days to Being a Better Mom" but unless you want to offend her on the one day a year set aside for celebrating her hard work, don't waste your money.

Poorly Made Clutter
If you find yourself at the drugstore shopping for mom on Sunday, May 12 skip over anything that could fall into the "clutter" category. Even if mom does need another chatchky to set on her desk she probably doesn't want something tacky you found in aisle five.

The Latest Gadget
Unless your mom is a tech junkie, it's usually best to avoid any gadget, no matter how "easy" you think it will make her life. The latest gadget will likely just stress her out and end up collecting dust. This includes things like universal remotes, digital photo frames, or a GPS.

Cheap Perfume
Mom may love a new scent to spritz on for special occasions, but don't waste your cash on designer imposters. Mom deserves better than that, doesn't she?

Scented Candles or Lotion
These are great go-to gifts for people you don't know well, but is it really the best option for the woman who raised you? And if you poked around her linen closet or bathroom cabinet chances are you'd find a healthy stash of this stuff already. So save your money and put your thinking cap on-- you can come up with something mom will really appreciate.

By Alison Storm

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