How Unplugging Can Save You Money

Posted on 03/01/2013

From sunset on March 1 to sunset on March 2 smartphones, laptops and other gadgets will go dark. It's been declared the National Day of Unplugging. For the fourth year in a row, people will attempt to avoid technology for 24 hours and if the respite from cultural noise isn't enough motivation, here are ways unplugging can actually save you money.

You Won't Know About Deals
Four yoga classes for $10? Half price gift certificates to the Italian restaurant downtown? Waxing sessions for only $20? The latest Groupon or Living Social deal may be a great bargain, but it's probably not saving you money on essentials. Staying in the dark about these great daily deals will make it much easier not to buy them.

You'll Get More Work Done
According to, the average person gets interrupted once every eight minutes. That equals 50-60 interruptions a day. Since the average interruption takes five minutes and 80 percent of interruptions are rated as "little or no value" you're wasting three hours every day. Since many of those interruptions are probably coming from emails or social media chances are you'll be more productive when you unplug. And for many of us, the more productive we are the more potential we have to make money.

You Won't be as Tempted to Shop
Experts say the average person receives more than 100 emails a day and there's a good chance many of those are tempting you to shop or spend money. By avoiding your inbox for a day you'll also be closing off access to that part of yourself that is influenced by email sales pitches.

You'll Do Free Activities
If you're not on your phone you'll have time for plenty of free activities like playing board games with family members, taking a walk with a friend or reading a library book. Try replacing your technology crutch with a low-key, free activity.

You'll Feel Less Stress
When was the last time you went for a bike ride or took an afternoon nap? If you're like most of us probably quite a while. And information overload could be partly to blame. The average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day. That’s about the length of a novel. This barrage of information comes in the form of e-mails, tweets, Facebook updates, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. By unplugging you'll have time to unwind and de-stress. Since stress is the culprit for all kinds of physical and mental ailments, unplugging could save you money in medical bills.

By Alison Storm

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