Cheap Peeps: Fun Ways to Use this Easter Candy Staple

Posted on 03/22/2013

The amount of Peeps chicks and bunnies eaten at Easter time could circle the earth twice. These bright marshmallow treats have earned the top spot as the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy for more than a decade. But there is so much more that can be done with Peeps than simply gobbling them up. Check out these cheap ways to use up your Easter Peeps.

Easter Peeps Centerpiece
Need to jazz up your dinner table for Easter? Put the Peeps to work. suggests lining a glass cube vase with jelly beans, Peeps and daisies for a colorful and low cost centerpiece.

Peeps Pie
Millions of us spend spring chillin' with our Peeps. But NPR suggests heating them up in a double boiler and using the sugary melted marshmallows in Chocolate and Peeps Pie. And it may be worth adding that there are just 28 calories in each Peep and zero grams of fat.

Raw fish not your thing? Don't worry-- there's no seafood in this type of sushi. That's why it's called Peepshi because instead of fish the main ingredient is Peeps. And rice is replaced by Rice Krispies Treats. Find the full instructions at

Peeps S'Mores
For $3.50 at you can buy the PDF file for an adorably designed hangtag that says "Happy Easter to one of my favorite Peeps." Print it out and attach it to gift bags stuffed with graham crackers, Hershey's miniatures and, of course, Peeps. Your loved ones will have all the ingredients they need to create a batch of yummy S'mores.

Peeps Straws
Peep-ify an ordinary drink by poking a straw up the middle of a Peep, just like did. It's an easy way to make your Easter party even more festive.

Peeps Popcorn
Whip up batches of pastel popcorn using Peeps. According to, all you need to do is melt down the Peeps along with butter in a pan and pour the liquefied marshmallows over fresh popcorn.

Peeps Topiary
Did you know yellow is the most popular shade of Peep? That's the color you'll need to make an adorable Easter topiary. Using basic craft store supplies, lays out the simple instructions. You won't be able to eat the Peeps, but you'll love looking at this cute DIY Easter decoration.

By Alison Storm

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