Mardi Gras Kids Crafts

Posted on 02/04/2013

Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 12 this year. And while celebrations in New Orleans may seem very adult-oriented, kids can still take part in the party. One way to get them involved in the festivities is through Mardi Gras kids crafts.

Paper Mardi Gras Jester Hat
Visit to download a free Paper Jester Hat Pattern. Gather up colorful construction paper, scissors, a pencil and some glue to complete the craft.

Mardi Gras Shakers
Put rice in some empty water bottles and let your little ones get creative with paints. Have them decorate the bottles using green, gold and purple acrylics. Once the paint is dry, it's time to make music. Crank up some tunes like these free songs by Mardi Gras.BB.

Paper Plate Mask
No Mardi Gras party is complete without a cool feathered mask. Keep it simple and cheap with help from They suggest using a sturdy paper plate and chopsticks from the local Chinese carryout for this kids craft.

Throw-Me Beads
Beads are a huge part of Mardi Gras tradition and while you could easily pick up cheap plastic ones at the party supply store, children will have much more fun making their own. TLC explains how to make festive beads using old magazines or comics, nail polish and a few other key supplies.

Easy Mardi Gras King Cake
They don't call it Fat Tuesday for nothing! Enjoy some king cake with a recipe so easy your kids can pitch in. You'll need three ready-made cans of refrigerated sweet roll dough, two cans of frosting, milk and food coloring. Plus, don't forget to pick up a small plastic baby to stick inside. Whoever finds it must host next year's Mardi Gras party.

By Alison Storm

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