Free Kids 'N' Pets product after MIR

Posted on 02/02/2013

Does it seem like the kids and the pets are taking over your home? Take it back with just one bottle of Kids 'N' Pets. Their specially formulated products were developed to help clean up stinky stains and horrible odors that were most likely caused by either one of the children or pets you have running around. Not so sure it'll work? Then use this mail-in rebate to get a free bottle of Kids 'N' Pets. Choose from Original All Purpose, All Purpose Spray Bottle, Carpet Powder, Carpet Cleaner Concentrate, Carpet Powder, and Pet Odor & Dander Remover. This rebate doesn't seem to have an expiration, request yours right away. Of special note: Kids 'N' Pets products can be purchased from Walmart.

* Hot deals expire quickly. This deal may no longer be valid.

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