Cash for Miles: How to Sell Your Airline Miles

Posted on 02/25/2013

Are you sitting on unclaimed frequent flyer reward miles? You may not have enough to cash them in for a free trip to Europe. And even if you do you may not be able to fit a trip into your vacation schedule. But that doesn't mean those miles aren't worth something. Check out these ways to sell your airline miles for cash.
According to, worldwide travelers rack up 655 billion miles and points each year, but more than 75 percent of those are never redeemed. If you've got expiring miles or credit card reward points find out how much they're worth by filling out a short form at
Sites that want to buy your airline miles are called Mileage Brokers. To sell yours to you'll need to fill out a sell miles form. Expect an agent to respond within 24 hours. The value of your available miles depends on which airline they're with. For instance, Air France miles are worth 1.4-1.8 cents per mile while Continental miles will earn 1-1.4 cents per mile.
If you've got at least 100,000 miles or points you can sell them at According to the site's calculator, 100,000 airline miles are worth $1,400 and they promise a simple and quick transaction. An available referral program could help you earn additional incentives when you spread the word.
If you're a small business owner or a business traveler with access to lots of unused frequent flyer miles you may want to check out They offer fast estimates and immediate payments for miles.
Airline miles, credit card points, hotel points or rental car points-- they can all be turned into cash with You'll pay a listing fee to be included in their database and the broker receives a commission too. You can sell to approved brokers, private individuals or both.

By Alison Storm

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Which is the most "TRUSTWORTHY"Company where I can sell my AAadvantage Air line mileage?

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