Long Distance Love: Celebrating Valentine's Day Across the Miles

Posted on 01/28/2013

Long distance relationships are tough-- especially on Valentine's Day. But just because you don't share the same zip code doesn't mean you can't share something special. These tips and gifts are perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day across the miles.

A Long-Distance Hug
Hug your loved one on Valentine's Day, despite the miles that separate you. Trace your hands on construction paper and attach them to the ends of a piece of ribbon. Thepartyevent.wordpress.com suggests adding a special note that says "wrap these hands around you whenever I am not there, so you can have a hug from me anytime."

Schedule a Skype Date
If you can't be together at least you can see and hear each other. Schedule a Valentine's Day Skype date. Make sure you have a good Internet connection and a private place. Glamour magazine suggests keeping Skype on all night so you can wake up together and hang out again in the morning.

Create a postcard they can enjoy over and over with Postcup from bailydoesntbark on Etsy. It's on sale for $26 which includes the mug and a special Pebeo porcelain pen that allows you to write your special message.

Long Distance Love Customizable Necklace
Celebrate your long distance love with a special necklace from Etsy seller Sudlow. A small hand-cut sterling silver United States is stamped with tiny hearts representing you and your loved one's locations. The two hearts are connected with dotted lines.

Do the Same Thing
Get take-out from the same restaurant chain and rent the same movie. It's the closest you can get to enjoying Valentine's Day together.

By Alison Storm

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