Free Ways to Track Spending with Your Smartphone

Posted on 01/21/2013

Get in tip top financial shape in 2013 with the help of your Smartphone. Using free apps with amazing capabilities, you'll never feel out of touch with your financial side again. Track your spending and do much more with these helpful tools.

Budget Envelopes
If you're a fan of the envelope method for budgeting then you'll love this free Budget Envelopes app. Allocate an amount of money to each virtual envelope in your budget categories. Track withdrawals, deposits and transfers from the envelopes. Easily export your data into a CSV document.

ReadyForZero claims it's already helped users pay down over $32 million in debt. The app is free and will allow you to connect online bank accounts, make payments and visualize your progress.

Put your financial life in one secure place with Adaptu. It's like a mobile wallet that will help you track your spending, keep tabs on investments and significantly lighten the load in your billfold. Simply snap photos of your rewards and membership cards so you can stop carrying around all that clutter.

Monitor your day-to-day spending with the free iSpend app. If you're leery about giving an app full access to your financial data check out iSpend. It's risk free and has no links to any financial accounts.

Mint is one of the most popular free personal finance resources available. Make a plan and stick to it with a Mint-created budget tailored for your life. Your spending will be organized into categories so you can quickly track where your money is going.

By Alison Storm

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