Seven Creative Ways to Give Cash

Posted on 12/28/2012

When you're running out of time before a birthday, anniversary or wedding and a trip to the mall sounds about as appetizing as Oreos and orange juice, you may decide to do your shopping at the ATM. But just because cash isn't the most creative gift doesn't mean you can't give it in a unique way. Here are eight creative ideas to give cash to your loved ones.

Red Envelope Put the cash in a red envelope. Red envelopes signify good luck in many Asian cultures and are supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Money Rose
Turn five to seven crisp bills in any denomination into a lovely money rose. Check out the simple step-by-step instructions at

Stuff bills into balloons, blow them up and tie them off. Your loved one will have to pop the balloons to get their present which you can bet will be a memorable experience.

Chocolate Box
Buy a box of chocolates and replace the candy with bills of various denominations. Roll the bills or fold them so they fit into the paper wrappers where the chocolate normally would rest.

Picture Frame
Fold your bills into the shape of the letter "I", a heart and the letter "U." Then position your three bills inside a picture frame. It will be so cute they may not want to spend the money.

Money Machine Gift Box
The Money Machine Gift Box is like your own personal ATM machine. Fold the box together, tape a strand of bills together end to end and insert the roll of cash into the box. The Money Machine Gift Box is on sale for $2.99 at

Money Tree
Take a stack of cash, a small can or pot for the base and a few other craft supplies to create a money tree. Find the full instructions at Now you can prove that money does grow on trees-- at least when you're around.

By Alison Storm

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