DIY Kwanzaa Celebration Ideas

Posted on 12/26/2012

Celebrate Kwanzaa this year by adding your personal touch to a gathering with friends and family. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make it special. These DIY Kwanzaa ideas will make your party meaningful and memorable.

Woven Kwanzaa Placemat Set the scene at your Kwanzaa dinner with handmade placemats. You'll need construction paper in the traditional Kwanzaa colors of red, green and yellow. Follow the simple instructions at to create one for each of your party guests.

Folded Paper Kwanzaa Kinara offers up a fun way to create a replica Kinara, the candleholder for the seven candles, which represent the Nguzo Saba, or seven principles of Kwanzaa. Using folded construction paper, markers and cotton balls your little ones can help make a flameless version of the Kinara.

Kwanzaa Pasta Necklace
Get the kids involved in Kwanzaa crafts with this fun idea for an African-inspired necklace. The supplies are pretty simple: red, green and black paint, cord and dried pasta tubes. Paint the pasta and thread the noodles onto the cord to create your handmade jewelry.

Kwanzaa Celebration Sticks
These aren't just chocolate covered pretzels-- they're Kwanzaa celebration sticks! Cover them in festive sprinkles for an easy DIY holiday treat.

Beaded Kwanzaa Unity Cup
The Unity Cup is used in several Kwanzaa rituals, representing the first principle of Kwanzaa: unity. has a creative idea for designing your own Kwanzaa unity cup using beads, nylon thread and a goblet. Then you can invite immediate family members to drink from the Unity Cup to reinforce the bonds that tie you together.

By Alison Storm

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