Transforming Thanksgiving Leftovers for Less Food Waste

Posted on 11/20/2012

Each year a whopping 40 percent of all the food in the US is wasted, according to a recent article in the Washington Post. That's an estimated waste of $165 billion worth of food annually. Farms, grocery stores and especially households are responsible for a huge portion of the waste. American families toss out between 14 and 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. Make a commitment to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers for less food waste this year.

Black Friday Pie Since you're spending the day scoring deals you may as well save money on food too. Put those leftovers to good use by whipping up some Black Friday Pie. Leftover mashed potatoes serves as the "crust" topped with turkey, green beans and gravy. Cover it with stuffing, bake and you have another tasty meal.

Turkey and Stuffing Soup
Instead of tossing leftovers in the can, put them in a pot. Celebrity chef Rachael Ray suggests creating soup from your leftovers. By combining stuffing, turkey and vegetables like celery, onion and carrots with chicken stock you can quickly prepare a warm batch of soup.

Turkey Pot Pie
Here's another hearty dish to help you use up that leftover bird: Turkey Pot Pie. Make your own pie crust or use pre-made for an even faster meal. Combine three cups of cooked turkey with vegetables, a can of cream of potato soup and a can of cream of chicken soup for some post-Thanksgiving comfort food.

Bird to the Last Drop
If you really want to use everything-- including the turkey carcass-- then check out this recipe from Alton Brown. It's a hearty stew that uses the turkey carcass to add flavor to vegetable stock. Mix in some rice, frozen veggies and leftover turkey for a flavorful meal.

Turkey Reuben
Martha Stewart suggests revamping your turkey dinner into a modified classic: the Reuben sandwich. By placing your leftover turkey in between rye bread and thinly sliced Swiss you're creating a lovely lunch without much work.

By Alison Storm

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