How to Get People Off Your Holiday Gift List Without Hurting Feelings

Posted on 11/28/2012

Even with Black Friday bargains and Cyber Monday specials, gift giving is expensive! According to the National Foundation of Credit Counseling, millions of Americans avoid shopping because they're afraid they'll go into debt. One way to cut costs is by trimming down your holiday gift list. Here are some tips for taking people off your list without coming across like a Grinch.

Communicate Quickly The holiday shopping season has started. But before much more time passes, communicate with those on your gift list. Tell them the truth-- whether that means you're trying to get out of debt, save time during the busy holiday season or give more to charity this holiday season. Explain that you already have everything you need so you'd love to skip gift giving this year. The longer you wait the more you risk the chance that they've already bought and wrapped your gift.

Join Forces
Instead of stressing yourself out trying to find a $20 gift that seems more like a $50 present, try joining forces with others. When you all throw less money in the pot you're still able to get a nicer gift than if you'd approached shopping solo.

Draw Names
Do you and your group of friends buy gifts for each other? Suggest a secret Santa instead. Draw names and only buy one gift rather than spending money on something for everyone.

Blame Your Busy Schedule
If you decide to suggest a group gift or a Secret Santa, blame your busy schedule, not your pocketbook. You won't come across as a stingy miser, just a frazzled human being!

Don't Be the First to Give
There are some people you know you'll be exchanging gifts with and others that could go either way. Instead of assuming you're on their list, don't mention exchanging gifts. Have a gift prepared just in case they show up with a present for you, but keep the receipt in the event you can return it later.

Suggest Sticking to Kids
Christmas is most magical for children. So why not focus your gift giving efforts on them? Suggest this option to family members. You may be surprised by how relieved everyone is by your idea.

By Alison Storm

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