Homeowners Insurance: How to Prepare for a Future Storm Like Sandy

Posted on 11/01/2012

Initial damage estimates from Superstorm Sandy add up to $60 billion, according to TIME. Roughly a third of the tally is in property damage. For those spared by Sandy, now is a great time to revisit your homeowners insurance and prepare for a future storm that may strike.

Review Your Policy If it's been a while since you've reviewed your homeowners insurance policy you may want to take a few minutes to look it over. If you've renovated your home, put on an addition or made any significant changes you may need more coverage.

Take Inventory
Take inventory of your personal property. Insurance experts say that means writing down model numbers, serial numbers and purchase information.

Document Your Belongings
Videotape, photograph or catalog your valuables. If a storm strikes, you may have a tough time remembering what you owned. Another free tool for creating a home inventory is the MyHome Scr.APP.book app. It organizes this information room-by-room and even creates a back up file for email sharing.

Collect Purchase Information
To be able to accurately assess the value of your belongings, having a paper trail will come in handy. Collect information like canceled checks, invoices and receipts.

Secure Personal Information
Consider investing in a waterproof and fire-safe security chest like this one from Staples.com, $69.99. It's a great place to store important documents like insurance policies in the event of a disaster.

Create a Disaster Supply Kit
If a storm heads your way you will probably prepare by stocking up on food and water. But you may also want to add items like a camera, notebook and pens to your supply kit. That will help you document the damage after the storm clears.

Track Expenses After the Storm
If your property is damaged in a storm, take steps to limit further damage. That could mean boarding up broken windows or putting a tarp over a damaged roof. Just keep receipts from any repairs you do make so you can submit those to your insurance company as well.

By Alison Storm

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