Trendy Halloween Costumes on a Dime

Posted on 09/28/2012

From Hollywood blockbusters to headline making news, inspiration for Halloween 2012 is everywhere. But outfitting yourself in a fashion forward costume for October 31 does not have to set you back financially. Consider one of these trendy Halloween costumes on a dime.

Olympic Athlete Michael Phelps Feeling brave? Then pull on a Speedo, a swimmer’s cap and a whole lot of gold—22 gold medals to be exact—and you’ll transform into the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps. A dozen “Super Star” Gold Medals sell for $3.99 at, but of course you’ll need two sets to mimic Michael’s haul.

Avengers Characters
Super heroes have definitely been in the spotlight quite a bit for 2012 and they’ll continue to shine for Halloween. Get help designing your Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America or Black Widow costume from Farmer’s Insurance. Use household items like rubber kitchen gloves, cardboard and a trash can lid to pull together your ensemble.

Space has been on the news quite a bit lately. With the Mars landing and the loss of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, space-related costumes will definitely be a hit for 2012. Steel wool, oven mitts and duct tape combine to make an out of this world astronaut get-up thanks to free step-by-step instructions from

Anyone can be a zombie. The key to knocking this costume out of the park is combining ripped clothing with great makeup. sells the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit for $3.99 and even offers up a great tutorial video. You may even want to splurge and buy the $14.99 Graveyard Zombie Wig to liven this look up even more.

Tight black clothing, red lips and a great mask are all you need to pull off Catwoman, Dark Knight Rises-style. Get a free Catwoman mask pattern at You’ll need some black felt fabric, black thread and a needle to make it just purr-fect.

By Alison Storm

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