The Best Fall Foods to Buy Now

Posted on 09/24/2012

Since autumn is now officially here as of September 22, it’s time to turn our focus from summer foods to the fall menu. It’s a great time of year to harvest some fresh deals at your local grocery store, farmers’ market or even a nearby orchard. Put these great fall foods on your shopping list and eventually into your belly.

Apples Ever wonder why apples are said to keep the doctor away? Experts say it’s because of their high antioxidant content. So head to the grocery store—or better yet pick some yourself at an apple orchard—and add this crisp fruit to your fall diet.

Cauliflower hits its peak in the fall, along with its supermarket neighbor broccoli. Steam or sauté these members of the cabbage family for a healthy addition to your dinner menu.

Deep red cranberries should start popping up in the produce department if they haven’t already. These low-calorie snacks are full of antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C. They’re great sprinkled on a salad or baked into a bread.

Take a break from the onslaught of apples to enjoy a juicy pear, which are mostly harvested in September and October throughout the Midwest and Northeastern US. Pears contain lots of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K, but keep in mind they can spoil quickly after they become soft to the touch.

This super fruit is usually harvested in September, but they store well for weeks. If you’ve never cut into a fresh pomegranate you might need a little guidance which you can find on the Produce Picker Podcast.

Squash comes in many forms: acorn, spaghetti, butternut and more. And they’re all plentiful this time of year. They contain a healthy amount of fiber and vitamin A. Since they’re a starchy vegetable, try substituting them for potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes
Starting in late September, sweet potatoes mature and make their way into grocery stores everywhere. Not only are they budget-friendly, often found at less than a dollar a pound, they’re high in a number of vitamins including B6, C, D, and iron. Check out this recipe from Food & Wine for cranberry-glazed sweet potatoes to combine two of falls’ freshest ingredients for a great, healthy side dish.

By Alison Storm

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