The $200 Room Makeover: Where to Spend Your Cash

Posted on 09/17/2012

Your living space can influence your productivity, ability to relax and overall well-being. If your bedroom makes you feel stressed or your office puts you to sleep it may be time for a makeover. And if you’ve got $200 then you’ve got enough money to make an impact as long as you spend your cash wisely.

Paint For the biggest transformation for your buck, invest in a gallon of paint. You’ll spend about $30, but no other item has the ability to bring about as much change as shifting the wall color. Worried about making the right color choice? Try before you buy with Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer. Upload a photo of your room and see how paint colors look before you pick up a brush.

Throw Pillows
A new sofa or a new bedding set probably isn’t in your budget, but throw pillows can give your room a fresh, updated look. Spend $50 or so on decorative pillows in a print that coordinates with your new color scheme. Check out low-cost options on sites like or where pillows ship free.

Draw your eye away from things you don’t like about your room with attention-grabbing accessories. You don’t have to spend a lot on these items. Peruse sale items on websites like where you’ll find deep discounts on a selection of vases, candleholders and picture frames. You could easily spend $50 or less and end up with several new accessories for your room makeover.

This step won’t cost you anything but a little time. Clear the clutter of your space because no matter what room you’re in, chaos is not pretty. If you need to, invest part of your $200 budget on stylish containers or storage boxes to collect perpetually pesky items like magazines, remote controls or toys.

Area Rug
There’s no denying that an area rug can easily blow your entire budget and then some. But with some savvy shopping you may be able to find the perfect one at a discount store like HomeGoods or Ikea. Something with a great print or color can really pull your new room together.

By Alison Storm

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