Five Affordable Ways to Age Healthy

Posted on 09/07/2012

Like it or not, we’re all aging. None of us can stop the hands of time, but there are ways to age healthier. September is Healthy Aging Month, an annual reminder of the positive aspects of getting older. It’s a great time to focus on affordable ways to improve your physical, mental, social and financial well being as you advance in age.

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Get Moving
Older adults that get regular physical exercise are 60% less likely to get dementia, according to Healthy Aging Magazine. Find free or low cost workout classes at your local hospital, community center or YMCA.

Drink Cocoa
Drink a mug of cocoa every day and it could help your aging brain, according to a new study. Elderly people experiencing issues with memory, language, thinking or judgment drank cocoa with varying levels of antioxidants. Those who drank the antioxidant-rich beverages saw the most improvement in brain power.

Sleep Better
Getting a lack of shut eye can create blood sugar problems, making you more prone to heart attacks and strokes. According to, if you’re not getting enough sleep you are increasing inflammation in your body which can boost your risk for blocked arteries and cancer. Plus, if you do sleep the recommended amount each night, you’ll be rewarded with a “RealAge” that’s up to 3.4 years younger than your calendar age.

Eat More Produce
Eating more fruit and vegetables can ward off serious health problems including cancer. This is a great time of year to visit your local farmers market for deals on fresh produce. Make a point to put more fruits and veggies in your diet and your body will thank you.

By Alison Storm

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