What to do With Extra School Supplies

Posted on 08/14/2012

This time of year school supply sales are rampant. Retailers are pulling in shoppers with door buster deals promising pencils for a penny or notebooks for a nickel. Don’t pass up these bargains just because you don’t need them. The fact is, someone out there does. Here are some ideas for where to send those extra school supplies.

Give them to My Stuff Bags The My Stuff Bags Foundation gives a duffle bag full of useful items to children rescued from abusive situations across the US. In addition to needing items like small toys and clothing, school supplies are also on the donation list.

Save them for Operation Christmas Child
Every year Samaritan’s Purse collects shoeboxes stuffed with small items for orphans around the world. School supplies make great items to donate. This year the collection week runs from November 12 through the 19 so just hold on to those supplies for this special event.

Look for Local Needs
Every school district has needs. Investigate which schools are most likely to have students who can’t afford essential supplies. For instance, in Alabama the non-profit Free-2-teach.org is collecting seven core items: pencils, pens, crayons, markers, glue sticks, copy paper and loose leaf. They’ll make sure donated items get into the hands of those that need them most.

Send them Overseas
If your heart is centered on helping children in Third World countries, then you may want to consider giving those extra school supplies to an organization like Develop Africa. They’re sending desperately needed items like notebooks, erasers and glue sticks to deserving African schools.

Share them with a Teacher
According to a survey done by Office Max, teachers spend about $1,000 out of pocket each year on school supplies. Ease some of this burden by handing your extras over to a hard working teacher. The more generous you can be, the less personal money they’ll have to spend stocking their classroom for the new school year.

By Alison Storm

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