Easy Ways to Save on School Lunches

Posted on 08/20/2012

You aren’t the only one noticing the increasing price of food. While you’re getting hit at the grocery store, schools are paying higher prices too, which they may be passing on to students in the form of higher lunch costs. If you opt to brown bag it, here are some easy ways to save on school lunches.

Make Reusable Sandwich Bags Not only do sandwich baggies add to the price of preparing a sack lunch, they also add to the trash pile. Instead of spending money on these over and over, make some reusable ones using scrap fabric and a few basic supplies. Get free step-by-step help from CottonBottomMama.com.

Buy in Bulk
Sandwich essentials like granola bars, fruit snacks and crackers can easily be bought in bulk. This will bring down your price per unit cost and hopefully help you reduce your trips to the grocery store.

Skip Individually Packaged Foods
Convenience foods typically cost more. While individually packaged foods do save time on rushed mornings, planning ahead and packaging your own food in small, reusable containers will be just as convenient. Consider doing this with yogurt, cheese, veggies and dip, or nuts.

Invest in Beverage Bottles
Instead of spending money on juice boxes or giving your child cash to buy bottled water, milk or soda every day, include a drink in their lunch bag. Invest in beverage bottles so they can take their own drink from home. These Klean Kanteens from PotteryBarnKids.com ship free.

Hold on to Fast Food Extras
Those condiments, napkins and utensils from your fast food meals may not get used right away, but save them for school lunches. They’re perfectly portable and they’re free.

Make Sure Your Kid is Happy
No matter how much you save on your child’s lunch, it can all go to waste if they toss it rather than eating it. Make sure your little one is getting healthy foods that they enjoy. Not only will it nourish them for their day of learning, but it will prevent money from ending up in the trash.

By Alison Storm

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