Best Buys at the World's Longest Yard Sale or One in Your Neighborhood

Posted on 08/08/2012

The World’s Longest Yard Sale is celebrating its 25th year. From August 2-5 thousands of people will hunt for bargains along a 690-mile stretch of the 127 corridor from Michigan to Alabama. If you’re attending this endless yard sale, or just happen to be hitting up the ones in your own community, here are some of the best bargains these secondhand sales have to offer.

Sporting Goods - Plenty of people are guilty of buying exercise equipment and sporting goods that ends up collecting dust. Until finally, the constant reminder of the skipped workouts gets too overwhelming and the nearly-new treadmill, bicycle or free weights end up at the yard sale. This is your chance to pick up great items for a fraction of the cost. And since you’re getting such a great deal you won’t be quite as upset with yourself if it continues to collect dust at your home.

Kitchen Items - Clutter can get the best of us anywhere in the home—but especially in our kitchens. That’s why kitchen gadgets and items are often spotted at rummage sales. Pick up everything from dishes to utensils. Just make sure you check any small appliances before handing over your cash to make sure they’re still working.

Mirrors and Home Décor - While you probably should leave the pillows and bed sheets behind, other home décor products can be picked up at a garage sale for a sliver of the cost that you would find them brand new. Mirrors are a great example. In the department store they can cost quite a bit, but at a yard sale expect to pay anywhere from $5 on up. Consider painting the frame if you don’t like the way it looks.

Kids Clothing and Toys - Since kids develop so fast they often outgrow their clothes and toys long before the items have worn out their usefulness. This makes them great candidates for yard sale deals. You’ll likely be able to pick up clothing for less than a dollar. However there are a few kids’ items you should never buy at a yard sale including car seats and cribs.

Furniture - If you’ve got a little vision and aren’t afraid of putting in some sweat equity, even the junkiest yard sale furniture can be transformed into something beautiful. And as with anything you find at a yard sale, don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal than what’s marked on the price tag.

By Alison Storm

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