Affordable Activities for Labor Day Weekend 2012

Posted on 08/24/2012

Labor Day weekend is often seen as summer’s last-chance for fun. Most Americans enjoy an extended holiday weekend, but getting the time off is only half the battle. Finding affordable activities is another challenge. Here are some of the hot picks for Labor Day 2012.

Free Arts and Culture The first weekend of every month Bank of America or Merrill Lynch cardholders can get into 150 museums and attractions for free. This year the free weekend happens to coincide with Labor Day. On September 1st and 2nd you can enjoy these top notch attractions for free.

New York City
Discount travel site says New York City is the top choice for Labor Day weekend getaways. That’s because it’s more of an off-season destination where travelers can get more for their money. In New York City, average Hotwire hotel prices are $185 a night. Once you’re in New York City there are plenty of free and low-cost activities to fill your holiday weekend.

Anaheim is theme park heaven, especially for those on the west coast. And this Labor Day it’s a hot destination, according to That’s because airfare is down by 11 percent compared to last year and it’s also a top spot for hotel deals where the average daily hotel rate is $117, down 20 percent compared to 2011.

According to Hotwire’s top ten Labor Day 2012 destinations, Orlando is where you’ll find the best bargains. The average price per night at a hotel in this family friendly destination is just $56, making it the most affordable place to travel for Labor Day.

Stay Local
Save money by having fun in your own community this Labor Day weekend. Wondering what’s going on in your town? Check out, a free listing to the concerts, sporting events, plays and more happening over Labor Day weekend 2012.

By Alison Storm

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