Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Much Are You Willing to Spend for Summer Vacation?

Posted on 07/19/2012

Taking the kids to Mount Rushmore or jetting off to Cabo for a week? The average American family spends $4,000 on summer vacation, according to a poll from American Express. Another online poll quizzed our neighbors to the north and found that the average Canadian plans to spend $1,700. We asked you to share your summer plans on Facebook and Twitter to find out what you’re willing to spend on a summer getaway.


@ActionPlanMin: $1K! That's it. Cheap gas prices, drive to the coast, ocean view hotel, yummy seafood dinner & glorious beach R & R!

@MoneyandFaith: Under $1,000 - because that's what I can afford! Staying with friends when possible will keep my costs even lower.

@MoneySmart: We spent our vacation fund on a play set for our kids, we figured they can enjoy it all summer rather than a 1 week vacation

@CarrieDuvall: Around $500 for a week at the beach. Pays to go with family!

@MichaelHansen: Two weeks worth of salary is my typical "maximum" for summer vacation. That way it's always relative to what I can afford.

@BeatingBroke: I think it depends on length. And ability to afford. Currently, about $100/day seems about the max.

Chad King: $200 bucks. I go to Boone, Iowa and watch racing for a week with my buddy.
Jason Robertson: Tough question - I often consider cost versus value and measure it to the quantity of fun the family will have... basically, I try to get the most bang for my buck. I think $5K for a major vacation (every couple of years) is reasonable and $2K for a minor vacation (every year).

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister: My sister and I are going to Amelia Island for a few days. We're trying to keep everything under $600.

Beth Marshall: Estes Park Colorado for a couple days. Rewards points for hotels... love them.

Gail Everett: Sorry--no summer vacation. [My non-profit] STRIDES runs nonstop throughout the summer. We do 40% of a year's work in 8 weeks.

By Alison Storm

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