Summer's Most Frugal Foods

Posted on 07/17/2012

Trying to save money on food? As the temperature heats up, prices on some hot summer staples falls down. So if you’re trying to do more with your money at the grocery store, stick these frugal summer foods in your shopping cart.

Zucchini and Squash Superstar summer vegetables zucchini and squash are cheapest during the summer months. They’re a great source of vitamins A and C, plus they’re full of fiber. Combine them with another cheap ingredient—pasta—to make this low-cost recipe from

Collards are extremely affordable and they’re full of cancer-fighting nutrients. Mix them with a few other low cost ingredients like a can of baked beans and sausage to make this super simple dinner recipe from (

Sweet Corn
Although some reports claim the drought may be forcing corn prices up this year, it’s still a cheap side dish to consider for any summer meal. Prepare it on the grill or as suggests, boil it.

Hamburger and Hot Dogs
Often prices plunge this time of year for summer staples like hamburger and hot dogs. That’s because consumers can’t get enough of these grilled meats. So peruse your grocery store’s sales flyer each week and stock up when the price seems especially low.

Peaches are prime for the picking right now. Throw them on a fresh summer salad, whip up an easy cobbler or simply bite into a juicy one. has a lot of great ideas for incorporating peaches into your summer menu. Peaches are definitely a bargain in the produce aisle.

By Alison Storm

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