Freebies at Your Local Hospital Even if You're Not a Patient

Posted on 07/27/2012

There’s no denying that healthcare costs a lot of money. Racking up a huge hospital bill is not that difficult these days, but for people looking for preventative care or support many hospitals do offer free services for community members.

Fitness Classes From yoga to aerobics, lots of hospitals are opening up their doors for free fitness classes. Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in Michigan offers free adult yoga classes as an ongoing effort to promote health and wellness. Check with your local hospital and you may be able to save money by avoiding a gym membership.

Support Groups
Whether you’re a breast cancer survivor or you’ve gone through a stroke, there are free support groups at many hospitals designed to help you through this difficult experience. At Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Massachusetts there is a long list of available groups. You don’t necessarily have to be a patient at the hospital to receive this free support.

Pre-Natal Classes
While some classes cost money, other pre-natal classes are completely free for expecting parents. You can learn important basics about caring for a newborn and preparing for birth without having to spend any money.

Health Screenings
It’s in a hospital’s best interest that the community it serves is as healthy as possible. That’s why many hospitals offer free health screenings. Good Samaritan Hospital in Indiana offers about a dozen free health screenings throughout the year including blood sugar, body fat composition and glucose testing. And there’s a good chance that hospitals in your area are offering the same.

According to many new moms, hospitals gladly hand out free samples of useful products like diapers and formula to those who ask. This is definitely worth a try—especially if you can’t afford all of the essentials a new baby requires.

By Alison Storm

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