Facebook Poll: Are you Concerned About Healthcare Costs?

Posted on 07/05/2012

Health care reform’s individual mandate received approval from the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s concerns over healthcare costs are disappearing. A recent poll conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation found that nearly four in five Massachusetts residents who have had a serious illness worry about the cost of health care. But what about Bargainist readers—are you concerned with healthcare costs? Here’s what you told us on Facebook.

Bethel Tyger: Yes!

Jodee German Moffett: Yes! especially with having asthma. Our premium has already gone up.

Jay Handler: Not at all! The Healthcare Reform Act offers so many valuable protections (coverage for children until age 26, no pre-existing condition exclusions, etc) and so few negatives, there's nothing to be worried about. Those WITH insurance will KEEP their insurance. Those WITHOUT insurance will have access to affordable options. Those who today would go to the hospital for urgent care because they couldn't go to a doctor before the problem became emergent in the first place, won't be a drain on the system any longer. Win/Win/Win!

Gail Everett: Absolutely. I finally got a policy, high deductible, and I have to pay 33% of my paycheck to cover it.

Gil Gerretsen: I am glad that things like pre-existing conditions have been removed, but that will force insurance companies to accept clients that they could previously exclude. As a result, they will inevitably have to pay out more for claims, which will work to drive up the cost of coverage significantly. When claims go up, so do premiums... at least in the short-term.

Rhiannon Wells: Definitely!

Karen Bourne: I am concerned that the docs will suffer which will reduce their availability. It is a huge concern.

Krista Veteto: My premiums are insanely high. I'm not sure what the cost will look like going forward but with my pre-existing conditions I doubt it will get any cheaper for me, but at least I'll be able to select another carrier instead of sticking with COBRA and Cal-COBRA.

Liz Bigott: No

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: It is painful to change, but I am thrilled that those with medical issues will finally be treated fairly.

Ben Moffett: In the short term (next 4 years this looks good) MARK MY WORD, you will hate this new system in 10 years! Why do we think the government can run anything proficiently? They sure have done a great job of the IRS, Social Security, and the DMV!

*Editor’s Note: The statements in this article were freely provided to us over Facebook and in no way reflect The Bargainist’s or The Bargainist's staff's opinions on current healthcare. We love hearing what our readers think about what’s going on in the world and are happy to provide a place where they can present their ideas and beliefs without judgment.

By Alison Storm

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