Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Did You Spend Your Last $50?

Posted on 06/07/2012

Financial experts tend to agree that keeping close track of your money may help you save more of it. So we wanted to know, where did your last $50 go? Most of those who responded on Facebook and Twitter seem to be spending their cash responsibly, buying food and filling up their gas tanks.


@Techherding: Gasoline and a large mocha.

@molliefell: $50 for gas to Disney! My mom spent it on a tennis lesson. She said age does have its advantages. Haha :)

@aagray: Weed wacker and blower. Shout out to @Walmart and @AceHardware for good deals on quality products!

@KCBolt: My last $50 went to lunch out twice this week & a bill from my security company. How exciting am I?!? ;)

@Decker_d_Artist: My last $50 went to gas and food.

@1of5Hawks: My last $50: New swimsuit. The pool is open! Woohoo! If only I could've bought a smaller size :o/

@FullCircle_PR: $50 went to groceries.


Melissa Lanzourakis-Joens: ‎$34 birthday gift, $1 parking, $23 Mexican food, that’s over $50, I guess.

Lindsay Davenport: Babysitter...

Patricia McCorkle Crandall: Groceries!

Melissa Keeney Robinette: A round of golf and dinner for my husband's birthday!

Kim Martin Newell: ‎$8 Chick-fil-A lunch yesterday, $25 Visa Gift Card today, $18 doggie daycare.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister: I just bought some camera equipment, Paul C Buff CyberSyncs, which were over $50.

Sarah Ullrich Leigland: Barnes and Noble.

Jason Robertson: $33 - Date afternoon at the movie theater with snacks. $8 - Fast food. The rest of the last $50 was spent at the zoo on Monday.

Tonya Kirk-Christopher: Vet bills!!!! Charlie needed X-rays.

Rhiannon Wells: Doctor's Appointments!

Nicky Ofert: Gas!

By Alison Storm

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