Ten Things You Need to Know About Your Grocery Store to Save More Money

Posted on 06/22/2012

Ever feel like the grocery store is taking a big bite out of your paycheck? Food is a necessity, but paying top dollar for it doesn’t have to be. Finding out these facts about your grocery store can help you save more money.

Who Do They Consider Competitors? As a part of their coupon policy, many grocery stores will accept competitor coupons. But you need to know who they consider competitors in order to take advantage of this perk. What this means is that you can expand your pool of coupons by using the competitors’ savings at the store you regularly visit.

Do They Reward Customers for Bringing Reusable Bags?
Some stores, including Target, will take five or ten cents off your bill for every reusable grocery bag you bring. Over the course of a year you can save a lot of cash simply by being more green.

Is There a Section for Discounted Meats?
Looking for something to eat for dinner tonight or tomorrow? Then you may want to take advantage of discounted meats. As they approach their expiration date some stores will mark down the price. It’s perfectly good food at a significant savings.

Do They Offer Discounts on Certain Days?
Certain days of the week are much slower than others. So in an attempt to boost business grocery stores may offer a percentage off the bill for senior citizens, members of the military or other population groups.

Do Store Rewards Programs Exist?
Some stores offer extra discounts for customers through a rewards program. It’s usually free, but you have to sign up to take advantage. The rewards could come in the form of extra savings or points that can be redeemed for prizes or gas for your car.

Can You Sign Up for Store Coupons?
If you’ve got a baby, a pet or you use your grocery store’s pharmacy you’ll definitely want to investigate coupon programs. Often you have to sign up for these online or in the store, but they’ll send you exclusive coupons several times a year.

Does the Meat Department Offer Free Marinades?
Rather than buy marinade, check with your meat department first. Many give out free marinades and sauces for customers purchasing meat or fish.

Are There Coupons at Customer Service?
For some reason certain grocery stores hold coupon booklets at customer service. Customers must make a point to ask for these. Find out if there are extra coupons hiding behind the customer service counter.

Is There a Clearance Section?
Even grocery stores can have a clearance section. Find out if your store has one and where it’s located. Don’t leave without taking a peek at this section because the savings can be significant.

Do They Offer Rain Checks?
When a sale is really good sometimes the shelves can get cleaned out fast. If you come upon an empty shelf and a great sale a rain check can be a lifesaver. If your store offers rain checks you’ll get a slip of paper that lets you score the discounted price once the product is back in stock, even if the sale has ended.

By Alison Storm

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