How to Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on a Budget

Posted on 06/04/2012

Inside Britain and thousands of miles outside of it, people will be celebrating the Queen Mum’s Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for six decades now and while celebrating by purchasing some crown jewels would be fun, there are more budget-friendly ways to mark this royal occasion.

Watch Free Coverage
Even if you can’t be in London to watch the flotilla of ships coast down the Thames River or to take in the Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace you can catch the biggest events on TV. According to, ABC will air two hours of the palace concert on Tuesday at 9pm ET. Also on Tuesday you can watch royals participate in Diamond Jubilee ceremonies covered by BBC America, Good Morning America and
World News with Diane Sawyer.

Practice Your British Accent
Throw a few words like rubbish, bloody and knackered into your conversations to feel more British. While you’re at it, download the British Accent App, $4.99 in the iTunes store. Soon you’ll be speaking like the Queen.

Rent The Queen
The 2006 film starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II depicts Her Royal Majesty’s reaction to the death of Princess Diana. Order it from Netflix or pick up a copy at Blockbuster to get another taste of British royalty.

Enjoy Tea and Scones
Tea and scones are distinctly British, which makes it the perfect food and beverage combination for celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. Don’t feel like making scones from scratch? Pick up a bag of Sticky Fingers Scone Mix for $4.99 at World Market. And don’t forget to add a little milk to your tea if you want to drink it like the Brits do.

Visit a British Pub
All over the US, British pubs will be marking the Diamond Jubilee with special events, discounts and British trivia. Take part in the festivities which will probably only set you back the price of pint of beer.

By Alison Storm

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