Five Tempting Summer Purchases You Shouldn't Make

Posted on 06/19/2012

With the official arrival of summer comes the onset of shopper-itis. Suddenly your home, patio and life in general feel like they need a makeover. While some major summer purchases can seem like a good idea at the time, you may want to save your pennies for another season. Here are five tempting summer buys that you probably shouldn’t make.

Patio Furniture Of course it makes sense to revamp your patio now so you can enjoy it all summer long. But the real deals on patio furniture and grills set in as summer winds down. Instead of rushing out to the store to buy all new furniture at the beginning of summer, wait until August and you’ll score much better deals.

Swimming Pool
Crystal blue water on a hot summer day seems so tempting. A swimming pool—even an above-ground model—can seem like a great investment in June. But it’s a pricey one. According to, the average cost of an in-ground swimming pool is just under $22,000. An above-ground pool costs an average of $6,243. And experts agree that you’re not likely to get a good return on your investment when it comes time to sell your property. Don’t take the plunge and instead spend a few bucks going to the water park or a public pool.

Boat or Jet Ski
Is a nearby body of water luring you in? Boats and jet skis are tons of fun, but just like those cute puppies you see at the animal shelter, there is a lot of work hiding under that irresistible exterior. Before you spend thousands on a jet ski or a boat try renting one.

Riding Lawn Mower
Mowing the lawn isn’t very fun—especially not in the dead of summer. But somehow a riding lawn mower can make the task seem less tedious. However, before you invest in this big summer purchase, weigh the expense. What would it cost to hire a lawn service during the hottest months instead? Probably far less than that riding lawn mower and someone else would be doing the work.

Ice Cream Maker
Do you really need another gadget taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen? Save the money you would have spent on that ice cream maker and buy a few gallons of the good stuff at the grocery store. A cool refreshing treat without having to work or wait? Yes please!

By Alison Storm

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