Facebook and Twitter Poll: What Was Your Worst Summer Job?

Posted on 06/21/2012

You may be a successful doctor, teacher or plumber now, but it probably wasn’t always that way. Young people wanting to earn some cash are often willing to take on some dirty, sweaty, and even dangerous jobs. For examples we turned to you on Facebook and Twitter asking, what was your worst summer job? Turns out we have some hardworking friends and followers.

Facebook Haro Setian: Fish cannery in Alaska and selling books door to door. Both were terrible and terrific.

Desiree Ruhrer: Detasseling corn was by far the worst!!!

Nathan Duvall: Peeling bark off of huge oak trees in 90-100 degree temps with no shade. The trees were then cut to size and made into baseball bats for Louisville Slugger. It was a glamorous gig.

Elizabeth McCormick Morrisey: Working at a car wash in Florida!

Evony Robinson: Working at a cleaners... boring!

Adam Landrum: Trimming Christmas Trees (farm) with a machete. 'Bout lost my finger.

Carrie Duvall: I didn't have a "worst" summer job, but I had 2 jobs that I would avoid again if at all possible: waitressing in a retirement community and secretarial work. Not my gifts!

Tonya Kirk-Christopher: Detassling corn!!!! I didn't last the whole summer though. I quit. Lol

Dave Vickery: Got to agree with the detassling... my mom bought me rain suit and I wore some slightly worn sneakers out into the fields, by the end of the day the rain suit was ripped to shreds and the soles of the shoes came off. I also had corn rash... hated it.

Lynne Ballenger Pryor: Yikes! Grading peaches in a packing house!

@FredonTV: Spraying weeds along Indianapolis streets/highways for the state Department of Transportation.

@JessKalbarczyk: Working in the "galley" as a dishwasher on a dinner boat every weekend on Lake Erie in the Buffalo Harbor.

@kjferguson84: I was supposed to nanny a little boy but his mom never left the house and basically turned me into a cleaning lady. I quit!

By Alison Storm

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